Meditation Wellness

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Meditation is done as part of a tradition related to religion, usually to help one to have a self-transformation.  There are many ways of meditating, which brings one to self-awareness, devoting attention to the inner self, concentrating on finding answers.

Some examples of a few religions using meditation are Baha’i Faith, which believe it is necessary for spiritual growth along with prayer and fasting.  It is the key to find the mysteries to one’s mind.  Buddhism believes meditation can transform the mind to explore to focus and practice to develop wisdom and insight.  Christianity has various ways for meditation, for example the rosary in Catholicism.  Also using prayer though the grace of God.  In the book of Joshua it talks of meditation of the scriptures.

There are many other religions which use meditation as a purpose to achieve transformations, but they all have similar purposes in coming in touch with their own lives and gaining wisdom in guiding them the direction to a higher power.

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Good Friends

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Good Friends Are Good for You

Good friends are very important from a study done in Australia, 1,500 people  were followed for 10 years, they found those who had a large number of friends lived longer then those who did not.

One of the main reasons is because good friends help you to stay away from smoking and drinking, which helps prevent depression and encourage self-esteem from all the support.

The social support they found had lower levels of certain protein which is linked to cancers.   Also a strong friend group helps relieve stress, because friends encourage you to take better care of yourself.  Therefore, you have a higher self-esteem and feel you have more control of your life.

People with social support have fewer health problems and live longer, most likely because they know they have the support around them.

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Healthy Diet

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Having a healthy diet does not mean depriving yourself of food or being really strict about what you eat, but it means understanding the right foods that help you stay healthy and give you the nutrients that are beneficial for your body.
Some areas are:  Eat enough calories, but not too much, eat a variety, eat moderate portions, eat fruits and vegetables, drink more water, limit sugar, exercise and establish good food habits.
Remember, we need balance when eating to stay healthy and well.

Face the Fats Be more aware of the ‘My Fats Translator’ calculator.  Learn to cook and eat foods that are healthy for your heart.
American Heart Association No-Fad Diet helps you to have a way to control your weight.  You need to learn how to Think Smart, Eat Well, and Move More.
Delicious Decisions relates how delicious and nutritious can work together in making healthy recipes.
Nutritious Facts give the basis from the food groups in eating a wide variety of food.
Diet and Lifestyle give medical and nutrition the best pattern to a healthy life.
Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping Made Simple helps you to be aware of the foods marked with the American Heart Associations symbol to know they have been tested.

Just a few ideas to keep up on the healthy track to success in eating right.

Also healthy snacks are very important. Little snacks throughout the day keep your metabolism going. Nuts, fruits, and vegetables are great little snacks to have throughout the day.

Music Therapy

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Music can be a great healer, it goes back in the Bible at the time of David when he played the harp to help King Saul.  It can relieve stress and help change a person’s mood and relieve stress.  The beat of music has a calming effect, which could relate to the association of the heart beat of our mother, when in the womb.  It adds a relaxing and safe environment and helping to bring a calmness.  Each person needs to decide what is relaxing to them to provide that peaceful feeling.

According to holistic online,Music with a slow rhythm, 72 beats per minute, 20 minutes long, listen to music of nature – like the ocean waves or the woods can help you feel that calmness.

Here is a music site you can go to for relaxing sounds.

Spiritual Wellness

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Spiritual Wellness  according to UC College is knowing our purpose in life, the coming together of our values and beliefs. To understand the purpose of our existence and have the balance of inner self, to be in harmony with ourselves.  Being open-minded and respecting others and what they believe, yet keeping our values strong within us.   It is very important to be true to ourselves, live what we believe and we will feel the peace that comes with truth.

Achieving the level we need to, comes through many practices – prayer, meditation, ways to help us come closer to a higher power.  This is where yoga and meditation can blend together and help achieve the level wanted.  In a religious faith, values and principles are taught, these help you to gain attributes which bring you closer to the higher power and strength is drawn from this.
Our spiritual wellness has a huge impact on our mental health.
If a spiritual level is always constant then the order of our live comes in harmony with  understanding the purpose of life, happiness is achieved and strength comes from within the person.

Ways to Manage your Stress

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Stress Management is very important in our lives, but may not be realized until there is a feeling of burnout.  Developing healthy stress management can really be a benefit mainly because of the positive influence in our lives.  This can help us work better, quicker and with sharper minds, because we think healthy and feel and think with more happiness. Here are some points on understanding stress management

Your Health: A lot of stress can lead to digestion problems and headaches, which then can continue on connecting to more health problems.

Your Looks: Three areas that are important are getting enough sleep, eating right and regular exercise.  Getting enough sleep can help you be more productive and help with your complexion.  Eating right keeps your blood sugar at the correct level and your emotions stay balanced, and last regular exercise helps release steam and give you more energy.

Increased Productivity:  When you are not stressed, you are more productive and a better worker.  Have a power nap, just to give you some added energy, be organized can take the stress away because you know where everything is. Limiting caffeine or don’t have any at all, can help with sleeping better.  Last, attitude, there is real power in being an optimist, you will be able to let go of failures easier and take control of your life and the direction it leads you.

Your Happiness:  Some great stress relief things are pets – they always love you, good music, laughter and a good group of friends.

Your stress Levels:  Trying different techniques can be very helpful – meditation, breathing exercises, writing in a journal, these are a few ways to keep your stress level in tack.

If you can learn these points now, it will pay off later on and make you a much happier and less stressful person who can be an optimist in facing upcoming decisions.

Here is also another link on stress management using mind tools.  As well as a video on the video page.

Yoga for Mind and Body

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I will talk on 4 of the many benefits of Yoga.  Yoga Benefits as Exercise, Yoga Benefits for everyone and Yoga Benefits and Sports.

Health Benefits:  It improves both mental and physical, to help prevent and to help in treating diseases.    It helps relax the mind and body helping one to center attention where needed. Yoga also  helps with chronic stress patterns, and relieves muscle strain.  You are not only building strength, but also flexibility to improve your skeletal frame, which adds grace and balance.  Increasing the circulation aids in helping with the heart to work properly which relaxing exercise, but getting your heart rate up too.  Through breathing deeper, immune system is improved and helps with blood sugar levels and weight control.

Yoga Benefits and Exercise:  It helps develop balance and coordination as well as invigorating and healing the body.  It allows you to exercise without straining and tones the body.  Consistent practice can bring relaxation, happiness and refresh the body and mind.

Yoga Benefits for everyone:  This is an exercise for all ages, for the teenager, it can give an inner strength when faced with negative influences to say no.  In older people it can keep them more flexible and help with problems like poor circulation.  It can help improve memory and concentration, but needs to be done on a regular basis.

Yoga Benefits and Sports:  Yoga is so good in helping with sports because of the coordination it takes in stretching and strengthening.  You are working on both minor and major muscles and using deep breathing with sends oxygen to all parts of your body.  Yoga can help you relax when playing sports because the muscles are more flexible and ready to move.

Here is a link to a full 22 min. Yoga video also in the video links.